Fitness for the body and for the mind...


Fencing is one of only four sports that has been in every Oympic Games. It is a modern sport founded on  strong history and tradition.


There are great fencing clubs all over San Diego county so that you can find one near you. They are all held to the highest professional standard including detailed Safe Sport guidelines.

For Everybody

Fencing is for all ages and it is also open  for people with disabilities. It helps develop discipline, confidence, respect for others, strategic thinking and overall fitness.


The descendant of the dueling sword, epée is the heaviest of the three weapons, weighing approximately 27 ounces. It has a larger bell shaped guard and a much stiffer blade.​


A thrusting sword, like the epée, with a flexible rectangular blade, weighing less than one pound and with a smaller guard.
The valid target area is the torso.


Epic Fencing Video

The modern version of the slashing cavalry sword, similar in length and weight to the foil. The guard curves over the handle to protect the fist. Sabre is a "thrusting" weapon as well as a "cutting" weapon. The target area is from the waist line up,  simulating the cavalry rider on a horse.​
Enjoy a compilation of spectacular fencing actions in all three weapons, Epee, Foil and Sabre.


The ancestor of modern fencing originated in Spain, where several books on fencing were written. Treatise on Arms was written by Diego de Valera between 1458 and 1471 and is one of the oldest surviving manuals on western fencing shortly before dueling came under official ban by the Monarchs of the time.

We would like to document the origings of our sport in San Diego. If you have information we would love to hear from you.