School Programs

Elementary and Middle Schools 
  1. What kind of fencing?


    We call it mini fencing. It uses fencing equipment specially design for small kids. Blades ares made of highly durable and flexible plastic. These kind of programs are now being deployed all over the world with great success
  2. Who teaches the Program?


    We train PE teachers to be able to teach the program. One of the Clubs in San Diego will be responsible of supervising and supporting the whole program.
  3. How much is the equipment or the program?


    The program and the equipment are FREE of charge for the school. We provide an equipment kit as a loan for the duration of the program.
  4. Do you support High School Programs?


    Yes, our clubs support High School regular fencing programs. There is an HS league in Southern California and 42 NCAA programs in top US Colleges. If you would like to start a regular High School Program, please send us a message using the Contact from on this page

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