Strategic Plan

The San Diego Division has approved a Strategic Plan for the next three years in order to better align its efforts long term and achieve more aggresive goals. The tactical plans for each year and any changes to the Strategic plan itself will be approved by the elected Executive Commitee every new season.

Our Vision

Be the fastest growing USA Fencing division by making our sport accessible, inclusive and exciting to all kinds of people in San Diego county

Fastest Growing
•Aggressive goals to reach new potential fencers
•Collaboration required between clubs to grow together

•Easy to find a club near you
•Wide range of programs for every budget

•For all ages
•Diverse (gender, race, sexual orientation, etc)
•Open for people with disabilities (e.g wheelchair and blind fencing)

•Competitive achievements (main focus)
•Connection to other kinds of fencing (artistic, historical, etc)
Fencing is growing rapidly in San Diego county, but most all of the growth is coming from non-competitive fencing. That shows great potential but also the rsik that our growth is fragile. It could well be that many of the new members do not stay long enough after they try the sport. 

Looking at this data the EC has decided to set 2 aggresive goals for the next 3 years:

- Grow competitive membership by 30%
- Grow the % of Women Fencers by 4 ppt to align with the National average

In order to achive that we know we need to work on all the basics, The below chart shows a Strategy Map on how to get there. At the bottom of the page you will find a lonk to download the full document.